Avoid Back Pain Naturally

Your back hurts just a little but you want to keep it from getting worse?

Here are some ideas for you:

1.  Hold in your stomach muscles (that’s the best and easiest way to strengthen them.)

2.  Lift your chest (strengthens your back.)

3.  Create a small hollow behind your waist if you don’t have one (you should.)

4.  Try to use ALL of your muscles around your whole body–front, back and sides.

5.  Practice flexing your spine forward and backward, forward and backward.  This improves the circulation around your spine and strengthens your torso.

6.  Roll your shoulders back (strengthens your back muscles.)

7.  Use a lumbar cushion behind your waist when you are seated.  (You can fold a hand towel to the right size for you.)

8.  Stick your tailbone ALL the way back into your seat.  Or if the length of the seat is longer than your thighs, place a large pillow behind your back.

9.  No slouching allowed!  If you catch yourself slouching, just straighten up again.  And again.  And again.  🙂

Whew!  That a LOT of stuff to remember.  And there is even more at http://SimpleBackPainRelief.com!  (<–click here.)

Yes, it is a lot but the more little changes you make the easier it will be to keep back pain from getting worse.


2 thoughts on “Avoid Back Pain Naturally

    • Hi Jamie,

      Yes, yoga is excellent because it helps all of our muscles become long and strong. That’s what we want.

      Lots of trainers and folks go overboard on the abdominal muscle strengthening and those muscles become short and tight. Then they have a tendency to pull us forward. And if the back muscles are not strong enough, they allow us to collapse forward.

      The general rule of thumb I follow is to stretch the muscles on the front of the body (making them longer and less tight) and strengthening the muscles on the back side except for the calves. This helps bodies get back into balance.

      Thank you for writing! There are many more articles about the causes of back pain and natural back pain relief at http://SimpleBackPainRelief.com

      The Pain Relief Coach

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