Strong Bones Bounce: Another Benefit of A Strong Backside

You’ve heard about the benefits of weight-bearing exercise for strengthening your bones.

Being straight and having a strong backside puts the pressure of being upright on your bones, where it belongs. That lets your bones become strong.

And you can read about preventing osteoporosis with good posture (which you can create with the SimpleStrengthening exercises.)

I’m here to testify…

I kind of hate to admit it, but from time to time, I trip.

I had a lovely “trip” just a few days ago. A five-point landing. No one applauded, but I’m quite sure it was very impressive.

And, once again, I did not break any bones.

And, I am grateful.

How do I keep my bones strong and healthy?

Let me count the ways:

1. Plenty of sunshine (creates vitamin D.) Bones need vitamin D to absorb calcium from your food. (D3 is the best type.)

Most people in the northern United States are deficient in Vitamin D. This happens because you don’t get enough sunshine on your skin for one reason or another. Your doctor can do a blood test to check if you are deficient, if you want.

A good time to get sunshine is while you are…

2. Walking. Walking is weight-bearing exercise. So is being on your feet while you watch TV.

Instead of sitting, stand and do side-swaying movements or lunges or toe raises and calf stretches. Just do something while you are on your feet rather than on your seat.

3. A good quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.

4. Lots of green, leafy vegetables (they contain calcium.)

5. A varied diet with all kinds of wholesome foods (this means not highly processed and sold in a box.)

6. And, always fight gravity! Gravity is a very powerful force. It is always trying to pull your head forward and down. Stretching to open up and relax your chest and front muscles is a necessity. So is strengthening the muscles on the backside of your body.

By the way, walking also strengthens your arms and upper body.


When you walk, you swing your arms. Your arms have weight. This is weight-bearing exercise for your upper body. The muscles in your arms pull on the bones all around your shoulders, and this makes your bones stronger.

So, that’s my secret. This is how I keep bouncing instead of breaking.

And, one more thing.

The people who are most injured, and who take longer to recover from a fall or accident, are the ones who are most “out of balance” before the accident.

So, recovering faster and having less injury is another big benefit of being as straight, strong and flexible as you can be. When you are learning to have a strong backside (from the back of your thighs to the back of your neck,) you will also be learning how to move your shoulder blades and your joints into neutral positions.

Your bones and muscles will be healthier and stronger, and you, too, can bounce instead of break.

(Although I hope you never trip.)

For more help, go to, and


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