How Do Good Posture and Simple Strengthening Prevent Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is not something we want to have.  What we really want are strong, healthy bones.

So, I’m going to tell you about the most common cause of osteoporosis.

It’s really common to see people with their heads in front of their bodies.  Sometimes their heads are really far ahead of their bodies.  Not good.

We were built so that all of our bones stack up, one on top of the other.  When our posture is perfect (like it was when we were young children) then our bones support our bodies.

When we start to fall into a collapsed posture–when we get a forward head–then we start using muscles to support our body.  Our muscles are not designed to support us; that’s what our bones are for.

Using the Simple Strengthening program (everything you need to know is here) for easily making your back side strong will correct your posture.

When your posture is once again nice and straight, your bones will be supporting your whole body as they used to.

When your bones are supporting your body, they are “working.”  When they do the job they were designed to do, there is correct pressure on your bones.  This pressure helps your bones to stay and become dense and strong.

Skeletons need to be stacked up properly so your bones will work to support you, and so they will be strong.

When bones are not “working” to support you, they become weak.  So osteoporosis is caused by not letting your bones do their job.  If we take the pressure off the bones, they can’t rebuild themselves as they should.

When your skeleton is stacked in “neutral,” as it should be, inappropriate pressure is taken off your muscles.  Now, your muscles can easily do what they are supposed to do: their job is to let you move.

And, so, since muscles move bones, getting strong muscles on your back side will help move your bones back into the neutral position they need to be and avoid osteoporosis.

And, that’s a good thing.  For more help, go to, and

Because You Deserve To Feel Better!”


2 thoughts on “How Do Good Posture and Simple Strengthening Prevent Osteoporosis?

  1. Thank you for asking about where to find the exercises. Each article (or post) at has directions for simple movements to help a problem.

    Every article focuses on an aspect of getting stronger and straighter and more pain-free with simple movements.

    I will be combining them all into one document soon. For now, you would need to scroll from one to the next to find all of the individual articles.

    Also, my SimpleStrengthening video is now complete and will be available shortly.

    I appreciate your note. It will allow me to do a better job of helping people.

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