How Many Repetitions Should I Do?

After you have been in your exercise or movement program for a while, knowing how many repetitions of an exercise or movement you should do will become second nature to you.

You will feel good when your muscles are moving in the correct ways.

You will do the movements often, because it feels good.  You will be able to feel the benefits.  Your posture will be better.  You will have fewer headaches and backaches.  You will feel more powerful.

But, for starters, if moving is a new thing for you, do this:

Start with just one movement, or repetition.  It’s better to do one perfectly than a whole bunch poorly.

It’s better to understand the movement and to do it slowly and thoughtfully.  And, if you do only one rep, you won’t get sore and stop moving.

You can do “just one” three or four times during the course of the first day or two.

Do one in bed when you wake up.  Do one during the day, during the early evening, and then at bedtime.

By the third day, you can increase the repetitions to three.  You can do three reps, three or four times each day for the next few days.

By the end of the second week, you will be able to do up to ten or twelve repetitions.  You might want to do the movements two, three or four times each day, just because it feels good, and to stay in balance.

We’re only talking about a few minutes each time.  It really doesn’t take long to learn to move correctly.  You will feel the benefits, but you will not have become sore.

Now your body is getting used to moving like it used to.  Your muscles are adjusting to the movements.

In fact, your muscles are starting to enjoy being able to move, and they like feeling more in balance!

My Simple Strengthening movements are designed to help you get back into balance, so you will feel better and function better.  These movements are so simple you can do them in bed.  You don’t need any special equipment.

You will find the whole Simple Strengthening program right here.  Just scroll down through the previous articles, and keep watching for more to come.

You do deserve to feel better!

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