Simple Strengthening Tip #3 – Upper Back

There is a reason for your upper back pain.

Most of the time we hold our shoulders in a rolled forward position.  Our head and shoulders are in front of our body during virtually all of our activities.

As a result, the muscles in our back get overstretched.  Then those muscles hurt and complain.  They don’t like being overstretched.

Strengthening your upper back will help prevent having pain in your shoulders.  Here’s a simple way to get a strong back.  And, the best part of it is, you can do it lying down!

So, get comfortable on your bed.  Lay on your back.

Gently press your shoulder blades into your bed.  Press them toward your spine.

Can you feel your shoulder blades (scapulae) moving?  If you’re not used to moving your blades, it may take some practice to get them to move and to feel them moving.   Rolling your arms, one at a time, in circles may help you feel your shoulder blades.

If you press your upper arms backward into your bed, you may be able to feel your shoulder blades move with your arms.  This movement also helps strengthen your upper back.

You can also do this standing but, please, watch where your head is.  Sometimes we get so involved with our bodies that we forget where our head is and it moves forward.  When our head moves too far forward, it causes neck and upper back strain and pain.

That’s it.  So simple!  Just press your shoulder blades back, squeeze toward your spine and strengthen up!

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