Simple Strengthening for Your Shoulders to Relieve Shoulder Pain

All day long we are very often stuck in one position.  Our shoulders get tired and ache.

If we are a new mom, the position we are stuck in might be holding our baby.  If we work at a desk, it could be leaning over the desk.  If we are a mechanic or line worker or cook, it is using our hands in front of us all day while we look at our work or project.

So, our shoulders and heads get “stuck” in front of us.

Our poor back suffers as a result.  Muscles don’t like being in that position.

To lift your head, pretend a hook is pulling you skyward.  The hook is attached to your breastbone, near the top of your chest.

To do really nice things for your shoulders, lift them up and roll them back and down.  Since our shoulders are in front of our bodies all day, instead of out to our sides where they belong, moving them backward – toward our spine – is a good counter-move for them.

Lifting and rolling our shoulders back and down does several good things for us.

  • It gets circulation going around our shoulders and neck.
  • It loosens the muscles around our shoulder blades.
  • It strengthens the muscles that hold our shoulder blades toward our spines.
  • It gives our poor, overstretched muscles a break!

Some people like to roll their shoulders in a big circle, back to front or front to back.  If that feels good to you, do it.  But, if that feels to you as though you are overstretching your back muscles, then you probably are.  So, just move your shoulders up and back and down.  Squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Ahhhh.  Feels better already, doesn’t it?

There’s a cool little video that I made at  <– click there to go watch it and discover how to get rid of your shoulder pain naturally.